Happy Easter gif animations

Just a few 3D animations at the moment but a few more to follow

3D Christ on the cross GIF animation

What a way to spend an Easter

Blue Easter chick running on Easter egg

Roll out the Easter egg with a blue chick

Monkey with big Easter egg - will you get a big one?

Hope you get a big one this Easter

Easter eggs in a swinging basket

An animated basket full of Easter eggs

Brass and wrought iron animated cross

Brass and wrought iron Cross

Wooden cross with flowers and butterflies

Wooden cross with flowers and butterflies

Animated hot cross Easter bun

A special hot cross bun

Easter kittens and Bunnies popping up from eggs

Strange things in these Easter eggs

Easter eggs in a spinning basket

Happy Easter animated gifs

Some of these I posted on Google+ although I did not put them into any collections and some where originally in my old website collection but I have now enlarged them. They are a nice image size so it's easy to make them smaller if you wish.