Make a customised animated gif

It's very easy to add your own text to any of these gif animations and create a personalised message.

Teddy playing guitar sitting on Canadian flag

Add your text over flag

Sample animation with text added

Example of added text

Teddy bear sitting on animated stars and stripes

Add your text over flag

Santa and balloons animation

Add message in box

Christmas robin with animated sign

Add text over kittens

Add your text to this animated sign gif

Add message over flag

I want you to add your own text

To do whatever?

Keeep calm and add your own text or image

Add a message

Add a message to this cheeky monkey's sign

Possibly add a rude note

Wot no add your message to Chad's wall

What a Message would look like

Animated Chad or Kilroy, add your own message

You could add "WOT NO ***"

Animated butterfly nad Union Jack

Plant text on Union Jack

Butterfly animation on American flag

Plant text on Stars and Stripes

animated Canadian flag with blue butterfly

Plant text on Canadian Flag

Add your text to this animated butterfly and card

Put a message on this card

diaspora background with orange butterfly

diaspora butterfly

diaspora background with red butterfly

diaspora butterfly red

You can add text to any of these animated gifs

I have left space on these animations for you to add text of your choice. Text applied over the waving flags looks particularly good. Not a lot of choice regarding national flags but in time I will add a few more. I have found that is one of the best online animation editors for customising these animations.

Giphy has an online animation maker but i seems to lose the transparency on these animations which I feel is quite important if you want to display my gif animations correctly on your blog or website. Have fun and get creative.

This is the favourite 3D animated alphabet . You will find letters A to B and number 1 to 9 and by clicking this link it will take you to a Google Album with them all on. If you do not have animation software it easy to upload the letters you require to an online image editor to create words