Some messages you may want to send to some of your friends

Everything from "Can you kelp me please" to "I'm sorry" animated gifs

Happy anniversary animation with champagne

Champagne on your anniversary

Monkey can you help me please animation

Please help me says the monkey

Thank you for adding me animation

Thank you for adding me to the pie

Teddy follow me and I will follow you animation

But will you really do what the teddy says

Animated cigarettes, coffin nails

Smoke cigarettes at your own risk

I'm sorry animation with chocolates

Are you so sorry that you would give chocolates

Do not drink or drive panda animation

Lay off the Southern Comfort if driving

Warning animated gif

Felix the cat loudly says "warning!"

Animated monkey asking what's new

Whats new says the spinning monkey

Good luck with four leaf clover animation

An Irish method of saying Good Luck

Get well soon animated gif

Get well soon and hope your temperature is OK

Where are you animated gif with panda

Where the devil are you.. I have not seen you

Animated messages

I have selected a few gif animations that I have made that are a message of some kind from a simple warning to things like "Do not smoke or Get well soon". Some have a transparent background. You will notice that some of my 3D models are used more than once and often viewed from a different angle and even in different colours, this is the beauty of 3D modelling and rendering. After all, a lot of work has gone into some of my models.