Brexit animations

3D animated gifs about Brexit the EU and Great Britain

Brexit animations I made and posted on social media websites

British animated butterfly
Animated Brexit party logo
EU animated butterfly
Monkey and teddies Brexit

Let the monkeys sort it out

Animated Brexit kit car
Animated Conservative Brexit pledges
Large animated Brexit party logo

A 16-page leaflets was sent to 27 million UK homes by the government where £9m of public money was spent on one-sided propaganda about Brexit.

Both sides lied about the benefits of leaving or remaining, they are bloody politicians, do you think they are telling the truth now.

We have a situation where 7 out of 10 Conservative MPs represent constituencies that voted to leave and many of these MPs are not respecting their constituents view

The media is undoubtedly biased and have reported some outrageous things that will happen if and when Brexit happens (think sperm donations)

Our politicians were not forgiven for the expense fiddling scandal, some were even jailed, people tolerated it but nearly everyone lost their trust in them. Is it not possible that the EU could be just as corrupt.