Westerham Heights Joinery

Pleased to say that I have found Frank Cook, owner of a joinery that used to be situated on Westerham hill

Frank and Dave ... A team that worked and sometimes made a profit

Westerham Heights Joinery

Where is Frank Cook now? (I have found him)

Thirty three years ago I was out of work and in need of employment and one day I met up with Frank Cook in the local employment exchange. I just thought he was there looking for a job like myself. He listened to my interview (although I did not know it at the time) and afterwards, bypassing all protocol suggested I might like to work for him.

Frank Cook had a small joinery on a farm in Westerham but no one to work in it. I was a qualified wood machinist and was certainly not a joiner but after a few months of working there with him (he was one of the best site carpenters I have ever met) we became an excellent team and starting producing some of the best joinery available in the area.

Frank was instrumental in changing the direction of my career and set me up for a much better future. The sadness I felt when I left his company is something I have never experienced before.

The photograph is one taken from an old newspaper advert, the quality is not brilliant but it shows Frank in the foreground and a very young me in the background.

I'm pleased to say that my search for Frank has ended and that he is living in France and looking extremely fit (according to Dot) This little page was spotted eventually.