Hateful Activity on Pinterest

Be wary of Pinterest and their overzealous pinbot

Falsely accused of Hateful activities on Pinterest

It has been several weeks and I have heard nothing after I lodged an appeal

I have a Pinterest account

It has been accused of hosting hateful activities but one look at the content would definitely show this is not the case

Pinterest don’t allow hate speech or negative generalizations about people based on their actual or perceived race, colour, caste, ethnicity, immigration status, national origin, religion or faith, sex or gender identity, sexual orientation, disability or medical condition. They informed me that I should go through my Pins and remove any pins that may conflict with their policies, or they may take further action against my account

​This is probably an email sent by one of their bots when it discovers certain keywords, so be careful what phrases you use and be aware that certain terms have a different meaning in the UK's English to that of the Americans.

Oi Pinterest
I don't know

Is a coincidence that anything I post (pin) are getting very few impressions, I don't think so but I do find it sad that where I'm supplying animated gifs free of charge that I should be penalized in such a way.

Pinterest is probably not the right platform for animated gifs and if you are interested in seeing more of my work I would suggest a visit to my Google Tenor account where at this moment in time I am enjoying over a million views and 12,000 share a day