Codes required to paste these small animations into your pluspora and diaspora posts

These little animations can be posted directly into you messages on pluspora and diaspora by copying the code and then pasting it directly into your message. Have fun.... I know that I have. There are no copyright issues as everything here has been created by my own shaky hand

pluspora animation


Welcome to pluspora


Do not feed the trolls

![troll]( )

I like it animation


You are awesome animation


animated booze, vodka, whisky. southern comfort

![booze]( )

![robin]( )


Best comment animated shield

![best comment]( )

Animated panda searching with binoculars

![Search]( )

You are cool emoji animated


LOL animated emoji



animated spam emoji


Fake news animated gif extra extra

![fake news]( )

Animated dalek

![dalek]( )

make my day animated acorn

![Acorn]( )

animated teddy bear drummer

![teddy drummer]( )

animated sunny smiley

![smiley sun](

You are rude animated emoji


Penguin walking in circles animated gif

![penguin]( )

No bullying animated gif

![No bullys](

Google plus refugee animation gif


Friendship lives on google plus animation

![google carry on](

Google plus is dead animation

![googlrplus dead](

animated plus one cube

![Plus 1](

Is there anyone there google plus gif animated

![anyone there](

please do not go off topic animation

![Off topic](

Happy Birthday animated emoji

![Happy Birthday](

Pluspora emblem animated

![pluspora transparent](

Code above is for pluspora emblem if you want to place it on a dark background