A selection of good quality 3D animated gifs

Some of the 3D models I have created and converted into animated gifs.

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Tutankhamun 3D Animation

A swinging Tutankhamun

Butterfly with Gay community colours

LGBT Butterfly animation

His Master's voice with cat

A kitten that loves music

Queen Nefertiti 3D animation

Queen Nefertiti in motion

No smoking in church animation

The smoking variety

I'm ducking potty duck animation

Ducking Potty

An animated walking tin of spam

Or spam fritters

Baked beans in a tin floating

They can make you windy

mosquito animation

Getting some in the UK

Hours of work spent in making these 3D animations

These animated gifs have been built using a CAD 3D modeller rendered in several frames and then animated. They are a collection that I have made over a period of twenty years and at one time I had a website displaying animations that were much smaller in size because internet connections were that slower.

With Google+ closing down and having been my showplace for these much larger and better quality animations I decided to transfer them to a Google website. Feel free to use or modify them in any way you like apart from adding them to another online collection of animations other than GIPHY