Free good quality 3D gif animations

By Dave Sutton .... Amateur animated gif artist and 3D modeller

If you are viewing this on a mobile phone click the three bars top left hand corner to see other animations on this website. Click my GIPHY channel for even more animations. I have just built my first website on Wix, they really make it easy to

The early bird catches the worm

Original 3D animated gifs

I had a whole range of free good quality 3D animated gifs on Google+ but it is has shut down so I have built this site to display some of the better quality animated gifs I have made over the years.

This is not a random collection of animations from the internet but stuff I have created myself over a period of about twenty years. Many of these animations are typically just under 600 pixels wide but once downloaded can be resized smaller and I even have a section where you add your own text using an online image editor

Of course the fun part is for you to actually modify one of my animations, there is no reason why you cannot re-size or add text to any of my animations and if I have made a gif with a transparent background it is even possible to plant it on top of another image or animation by using one of the many online image editing websites

Cherry blossom time

Christmas Robin