Free 3D Happy Birthday animated gifs

Happy Birthday 3D gif animations.... Download and send to your family and friends on that special day

Happy birthday toilets with message on lifted seat

Maybe not so many returns for this birthday

Happy birthday animated red bus

I made a red bus like they had when I was a boy

Teddy with guitar singing happy birthday

Have a musical Happy Birthday

Birthday cake

The obligatory birthday cake with candles

Birthday champagne

A glass of champagne on your birthday

Cocky chick on football

Happy birthday to that special football lover

Happy Birthday drum kit

Hope everything rocks on your birthday

Fairy sitting on moon

The fairies at the bottom of my garden posed for this

Birthday balloons

Happy Birthday, get the balloons out and celebrate

Red rose for your birthday

A red rose for that very special person

My sort of girl on birthday

Happy birthday to the girl of your dreams

Time for a great big bear hug. Happy bearthday

Have a big hug on your birthday

Put on some slap for a special Birthday

Don't forget to put that slap on

Every one has a birthday

Happy Birthday animations have always been a favourite, the small ones I used to make and these larger ones that I displayed on Google plus which I have now transferred to this small website.

It is possible to customise them in an online animation editor. You can add a message or text of some kind and if you get really stuck just send me a message. Many of these Birthday animations are over a megabyte in size but with today's broadband speeds they should not present much of a problem.

Have fun and wish someone a very Happy Birthday