Free good quality 3D Christmas animated gifs

Free large size Christmas animations for you to download, send to your friends or use in your Christmas projects

Revolving Christmas cake animation

Whoo-eee spinning Christmas cake

Santa with kitten popping out of snowy chimney

Who put pussy down the chimney?

Santa holding up Merry Christmas sign

Merry Christmas to all our readers

Santa stuck in the chimney

Santa stuck in the chimney

Merry Christmas Lantern

It's snowing outside

Box of chocolates for Christmas

Christmas chocolates

Father Christmas has been boozing again

Keep Santa off the booze

Nativity time

Shine a light on the nativity

Santa sitting on the moon

Father Christmas boozing again

You get what you deserve for Christmas

Just pray that you have been good

Chad says wot no Christmas spirit

Send to the scrooge that you know

Santa having a poop down the chimney

We don't want Santa doing this

Singing Christmas cats

The Christmas cats are singing

Free Merry Christmas animations

Christmas is always an exciting time, even for an old boy like me and I have had great fun creating these free Christmas animated gifs. I first started making some of the models for these animations over twenty years ago and I have steadily improved my technique as time has passed by. Did you forget to send that Christmas card? why not send one of my posh animations by email. You can always customise a message and add it with one of the online image editors

Have a very Merry Christmas and hope that Santa does not poop down your chimney