Cats and kittens 3D animated gifs

A good place to show off some of my Cat and Kitten animations

Kittens rocking in a cradle

Kittens in the cot

Do black cats bring luck

A cat weather vane

Cat on a rocking chair

This cat loves rocking

Blue iron pussy cat

A blue metal kitten

Kitten on a flower swing

A swinging cat

Cat photograph with animated spider

A spider on the cat

Is your kitten a little potty

This cat is potty

The cats and kittens are singing

What a noise!

Who needs a dog when you have me

Who needs a dog?

Four kittens in rubbish bins

Pussy is in the bin

Music for cats with old fashioned gramophone

His master's voice

Cat with animated butterfly on its nose

How did that get there?

Candle lit Siamese cat

Who you looking at?

Free cat and kitten gif animations

How can I not add some of my cat and kitten animations, I love cats and during my time on Google+ created a few animated gifs featuring them. Sadly we will see the end of Caturday where all of these kittens were featured. I had added them to a G+ collection but think that Google Sites displays my work in a more organised manner and although it is not possible to make comments. It is just as easy to share them.

Some of the animations here have not always used my 3D modelling software but have been created by photo editing. I love to experiment and it keeps my mind active during the Winter time when I cannot sit in the garden drinking Ouzo and Ice.