Free 3D animated Aquarium fish

I have made a few tropical fish gif animations and some have been used in animated aquariums

Loads of 3D animated tropical fish

Tropical fish aquarium animated gif

One of many animated aquariums I have made

Clownfish happy birthday gif animation

The clownfish have always been popular

Animated Clown fish

Not unlike Nemo

Angel fish animation with transparent background

One of the first angel fish that I built

A very colourful guppy animated gif

My favourite the guppy

Tropical zebra fish animation

The very sociable zebra fish

Tiger barb animated gif

Not so sociable Tiger Barb

Neon Tetra tropical animated fish

Neon Tetra

The independent animated fish have a transparent background

In Flash it is easy to make the fish glide across the screen without too much memory loss, something that takes up loads in a gif animation.

It was my Flash animated aquariums that attracted the attention of "Wallop" a Flash orientated social networking site that was originally started by Microsoft and I became one of their moderators displaying and selling some of my animated tropical fish animations. Wallop ended up the way that Google+ is going and went down the pan. It seems I do not have a lot of luck with Social Networking sites and I do not have a liking for Facebook. It took them ages to display animated gifs directly..