General information, how to download animations and any copyright issues

On desk top computers right click on image and "save image as" to a folder on your hard drive

On Android phones hold finger on animation until dialogue box pops up and download image which can be found in the "Files" app

I will update info as I find out more

Although I have uploaded animations with a file name for some reason when file is downloaded it is unnamed, you can change the file name if required sometimes before and after download. File names will download as unnamed and further ones unnamed2 etc.

These animations are some of the best ones that I published on Google+ and since it is due to close I decided to post them here. I also have a good collection of 3D models that I can convert into animations. If you need a special animation let me know and I will see if I have anything suitable in my collection. To create a new model takes considerable time so I'm only offering this free service if I have a model I can modify.

The animations can be used for any projects that you have, can be modified and the only restriction I put on their use is that they should not be used in any online collection of animated gifs apart from GIPHY where you can give me credit by making this website the "source" when uploading . .