3D animated butterflies

A collection of 3D butterfly gif animations that have a transparent background

Animated peacock butterfly


Blue swallowtail butterfly animation

Blue Swallowtail

3D animated blue butterfly

Butterfly with shadow

Catagramma pitheas South American butterfly

Catagramma pitheas

Swallowtail butterfly from Great Britain animation


Marsh Fritillary animated butterfly from UK

Marsh Fritillary

animated white butterfly gif

White butterfly

Animated LGBT butterfly gif

LGBT Butterfly

Animated white cabbage butterfly

Cabbage butterfly

Red butterfly gif animation

Modified colour

Blue butterflies on orange rose animation

Butterflies on roses

Butterfly on arrow animation

Butterfly on arrow

I did not realise that I had made so many butterflies

These 3D animated butterflies have a transparent background so that you can plant them on any light coloured image or background. After checking through my computer and what I had published on Google+ I found I had this collection which I'm sharing with you.

These images are not enormous at 370 x 260 pixels but I reckoned most people would not need a very large butterfly animation , if you want something bigger just let me know.

The butterflies with shadow will work best on a white or light grey background.

I'm sure some of these butterflies have a very fancy name, I have named some in the alt text but others have just been given a generic name