3D animated gifs with a Facebook flavour

I'm not a lover of Facebook so here are some animations I made while on Google+, some are not complimentary

This ain't Facebook..its cat book

It's a Catbook!

Use Facebook and share your data with the world

Share your data

Click the thumbs up in Facebook if you are an idiot

Are you an idiot?

Give your private data to the world

Facebook on laptop

WTF is Google plus

The choice is yours

Is your telephone number safe with Facebook


3D Facebook animated gifs

I have had many a discussion about Facebook and although many people like it I am not that keen. I used to have a Facebook account and to start with it was never that easy to display animated gifs. It is also splattered with adverts and fake news and can you really trust them with all your data. I do have an account with MEWE and this is a replacement for Google+, I like the lack of adverts and find it a cross between Facebook and Google+

Facebook certainly has it's uses, most of my family (and I suspect yours) are using it to tell each other what they had for breakfast and when they changed the babies nappy