Free high resolution 3D Happy New Year animated gifs

The New Year is a time to celebrate and send one of your friends a Happy New Year animation

A Dalek wishes you a Happy New Year

Have an exterminating New Year

Floating balloons with Happy New Year message

Happy New Year with coloured balloons

Animated spinning cube with blue butterflies

The New Years keep spinning around

Keep calm and have a happy new year

Keep calm as you see the New Year in

A swinging box of chocolates for the New Year

With chocolates it could be a very happy new year

Uncle Sam say I want you to a happy new year

Do what Uncle Sam says... he knows some stuff

Celebrate the New Year with some booze

Happy new year... don't get pissed

Type out the New Year

Are you my type?

Teddy bear sees a rocking new year in

That is one way to celebrate

Merry Christmas cake and a Happy New year

A bright red Happy new year

Happy New Year with shimmering fireworks

Firework display for the New Year

Flashing teddy bears wish you a Happy New Year

These Teddies are always flashing

The bells are ringing out Happy New Year

Happy New Year Bells

A spinning happy new year with fireworks

Whooo-eeeee Fireworks!

Free Happy New Year animations

A collection that I have created over the past twenty years and now Google+ is closing down have been transferred here. Just copy and transfer to your hard drive and then you can modify and use as you like. Just do not add to any online gif animation collection apart from GIPHY where you can give this website a linked credit for making them

Some of these are quite a large but you can modify and make them smaller in an online image editor.

They are all original works of art and the 3D models have been made by myself. In some cases I have used backgrounds that can be found by searching the internet

Have a Happy New Year and send your friends one of my animations