Betty Boop 3D gif animations

Betty Boop animated gifs made in a CAD 3D modeller

Betty Boop birthday girl animation

Betty Boop wishes you a Happy Birthday

Betty Boop doing the twist

She can do the twist

Is Betty Boop on Facebook

Thumbs down for Facebook

Animated betty boop on swing

Betty Boop Is a swinger

Betty Boop on motor bike

Ride that bike Betty

Betty Boop in rocking chair animation

Relax at the end of the day

Betty Boop as never seen before

It took days rather than hours to build Betty Boop

Any new animations that I start from scratch are constructed in a CAD program and have to be built component by component making sure that some parts can swivel to create the animation. I love making animations but I have to be in the mood and like to create what I want to create so I do not take on special projects. I do have a library of 3D models that I have built over the years. It is always possible that I may have a model I can modify if you are looking for that special high quality gif animation.

Betty Boop has of course been displayed on Google+ but she now has a new home here on one of the New Google Sites. It is possible that she will be incorporated into some more brand new animations soon.